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Is Exercise More Important Than Diet?

Does exercise help with weight loss? At first, the answer seems obvious. We are reminded every New Year that exercise is the key to burning fat. Personal trainers and professional athletes show us hard work at the gym produces the best results. But what if your goal isn't to look like a chiseled statue? What if all you want to do is lose a couple of pounds and fit back into your high school jeans? Is exercise as important for weight loss as the media makes it seem? An even better question: should we even be focused on weight loss at all, or should overall health be our goal? Let’s start with some pro-exercise facts. Exercise is defined as, “physical...

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Is All Sugar Created Equal?

We put a pinch in our marinades, a packet in our coffees and a @#$!-ton in our breakfast cereals; sugar is inescapable and with good reason-- it’s delicious. Liking sugar literally makes us human. As carb eaters, we are naturally attracted to carbohydrates in its simplest form.  It's easy to make food taste amazing with sugar-- that's why nearly every snack, even at the "health food store," has added sugars. At Foreal Foods, we decided the world doesn't really need more of that-- instead, we put real ingredients first and sugar last.  So what exactly is sugar? Essentially, it is energy. A type of carbohydrate derived from foods and beverages that we consume(1). Naturally, it comes from fruits, vegetables, milk...

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