Cococast Episode 1 + 2019 Trends

by Meg Caccavale

Note: I am not a medical professional, doctor or scientist. The goal of this post was to educate myself and reflects my personal opinion, not the opinion of Cocoburg LLC as a whole. I did my best research and fact-checking for accuracy. Take all of this information with a grain of salt, and do what feels best for you! For more information, please read our full disclaimer. Meg here - Cocoburg's marketing extraordinaire. I sat down with our Director of Sales, Max, to chat about all trending topics in the CPG (consumer packaged goods) industry. Watch our full trend report ^^^ or keep scrolling to see what topics we covered...

Plantbased Foods

Mainstream Meatless

Carl's Jr. and Del Taco add the Beyond Burger to their menus showing that meatless is not just for Monday! Burger joints should not feel threatened by the move towards plant based, instead they should seek to expand their offerings.

Vegan Jerky

Within the topic of Plant based foods "vegan jerky" is definitely a buzzword. We've seen lots of innovation in this category - Pan's mushroom jerky, Shrooms mushroom chips and of course OUR coconut jerky. Other notable players in the game are Louisville, It's Jerky Y'all, Primal Strips and many more.

Oat Milk - The New Almond Milk

Oat Milk takes a turn for the conventional channel, with big name brands Nestle, Quaker and Coffee Mate jumping on this popular plant based trend. Talk about a more sustainable plant based option (for example, almonds are one of the most water intensive crops).


FDA Regulation?

It has not received the green light from the FDA yet, but CBD also known as cannabidiol is popping up in everything from bath bombs to protein bars. The Farm Bill WAS passed (legalizing hemp) which means this may just be the beginning of the CBD craze.

Here to stay or just a phase?

Max thinks, like oat milk, CBD prices will drop (because right now it's a premium product) and it will spotlight in the mainstream market for years to come. On the other hand, I think the CBD may just be a phase and how CBD interacts with the body when ingested should be studied more.

Fab Fat

Keto Diet

With the popularity of the ketogenic diet increasing (low carb, high fat), gone are the days where "fat" is the enemy.

Fat Filled Foods

Of course I specifically mean healthy fat - MCTs (from coconut), avocado, olive oil, nuts etc. A lot of CPG brands have released products that boast an impressive net carb count and make a perfect keto snack.

Regenerative Agriculture

Everyone knows that humans contribute to increased CO2 emissions, and the negative impact that our activities have on the environment, but regenerative agriculture is a system of farming that has the potential to turn that story on its head. Regenerative agriculture practices seek to capture carbon from the atmosphere in living biomass, improve the health of soils and watersheds, promote biodiversity, and generally make the planet healthier.

Purchases That Empower

Feel good about spending your money for a change by purchasing goods from brands with missions that you believe in! For example buying upcycled products (hint: 

What the %$#@ is UPCYCLING?

The use of ordinary food waste to create something extraordinary. We upcycle a byproduct of coconut water production (young coconut meat) to make our awesome jerky! Is 2019 the year for plant based foods to dominate the mainstream market? What are your favorite products that empower? Is CBD here to stay?!?! Comment below and share your thoughts.