Thailand Production

by Meg Caccavale

Although I'm sure it's fairly obvious by now, Cocoburg is becoming Foreal Foods! (ARE YOU FOREAL!?! Yes, we are.)


Your fav plant based coconut brand is re-launching with a fresh look, new recipe formulation, and new production facility (which we'll slowly be transitioning to over the next few months). Drum roll please...

Ratchaburi, Thailand

We also have some exciting new products coming out of our Philippines production facility and will continue to support our partners there!

We're moving our jerky production to Thailand for a couple of reasons:

Upcycled coconut.

What the &*%$ is upcycling?! It's the use of ordinary food waste to create something extraordinary. Our new production facility makes it possible for us to upcycle a byproduct of coconut water production (young coconut meat -that would otherwise be thrown away) to make our awesome jerky!

New formulation for the jerky.

Thicker, smaller pieces of tender young coconut meat dried to perfection. Regardless of your diet (vegan, keto, paleo, shmaleo, carnivore, herbivore, neithervore or totally bored) we definitely created your new favorite snack.

Direct trade.

We work directly with small-hold farmers, pay a premium price, provide organic inputs (pest control and fertilizers),  and have guaranteed purchasing contracts. This means that even if it's a bad year for the coconut market, our farmers are able to support their families.

More of it.

Our new facility in Thailand has a much larger capacity so we can make more of the jerky you know and LOVE.

Pink coconuts.

Ratchaburi Thailand is home to the Nam Hom coconut, best known for their high quality, and naturally sweet and fragrant flavor and aroma. Fun fact - polyphenols in the coconut can turn pink over time, resulting in a light pink hue of the water and meat!

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