Welcome To Cocoburg! The Future Is Delicious.

by Meg Caccavale

Cocoburg is not just about delicious Coconut Jerky for me. It's not just about contributing healthy options to a sometimes pretty scary-looking snack aisle, either. It's true: I'm very excited to offer a delicious and satisfying, wholesome, whole-food snack to the world. But, What excites me about Cocoburg is that from beginning to end, it makes sense. Sound boring? Imagine if every company out there was entirely committed to doing wholesome business from beginning to end, taking responsibility for all its inputs and outputs, producers and consumers. We have a slogan on it that could almost seem slow: Just Eat Real Food. But it mean something that I'm quite proud of. I joined Cocoburg because the brand carries with it a heartfelt commitment to contributing, in a responsible way, to every consumer, environment or economy that it touches. That's so simple it's radical. Just Eat Real Food means to Cocoburg imagining a world where all supermarket brands: *Feed us with simple, whole ingredients. You know, food. *Ensure proper payment to producers so everyone gets to eat well. *Take special care to source ingredients and handle byproducts responsibly, *And still deliver delicious and satisfying foods. Each of these bullets is and will be a list of entire blog posts. Really, this message is just to say hello and to welcome you to our brand. I'm not exaggerating when I say I'm very proud to be a part of something that is very special simply by making perfect sense through and through. It gives me a warm feeling to think of everyone who participates at all stages, from farm to consumer. Stay tuned for more articles in depth about our vision, our team and partners, the farms and farmers, the wonders of the Coconut tree and its fruit, and all that we've learned about starting an international food business. Oh! And, our Coconut Jerky. It's really, really good. Welcome to Cocoburg! Tyler