Will Keto Help With That Summer Bod?

by Foreal Foods Marketing

As the pandemic continues it is important, more now than ever, to keep yourself up to date on the latest health news. Getting to the gym is sometimes impossible so as Hippocrates had put it, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” One of the biggest names in the food game right now is the Keto Diet.

Keto has been increasing in popularity for the past 5 years and doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. So here at Foreal Foods we wanted to give you the most up-to-date information available in order to give our customers the resources needed to make an educated decision.

New to the Keto game? The Keto diet generally consists of controlling your macronutrients (fat, carbs, protein) in order to put your body into “ketosis,” which essentially causes your body to focus on burning fats instead of carbohydrates. A typical 2,000-calorie diet will look something like Fat: 165g Carbs: 40g and Protein: 75g per day. For a more in depth description on the diet we suggest this article released by Harvard Medical School.

Although a quick google search will give you thousands of positive responses from the keto diet, Vice magazine labeled the Keto Diet as one of the worst possible diets to follow. Vices’s allegation was sourced from the U.S. News and World annual report where the Keto Diet was ranked 34th out of 35 Best Overall Diets. However, U.S. News also placed the Keto Diet 15th in Best Weight-loss Diets.

The hate on the Keto diet is nothing new. Last Year The New York Times raised skepticism towards the diet and found the diet, “…worrisome because it encourages foods high in saturated fat, which have been linked to heart disease, while restricting nutrient-rich foods supported by decades of research, like beans, fruits, starchy vegetables and whole grains.” They claim the research “outpaces” the evidence for a treatment towards obesity and diabetes.

On the other hand, Reader’s Digest published an article showing 10 health benefits of the Keto Diet. Some of these included higher energy and brain efficiency, lower anxiety and depression, and helps boost heart health and deeper sleep.

Healthine.com argues there are, “few things as well established in nutrition science as the immense health benefits of low-carb and ketogenic diets.” Healthine also gives a quick reference to ten, researched-based benefits of a ketogenic diet, to include abdominal fat loss and a raise in healthy LDL cholesterol levels.

Harvard Medical School claims the diet has solid evidence in reducing seizures in children which has raised questions about other potential benefits for brain related illnesses. They also list potential risks of the diet, including liver problems, nutrient deficiency and mood swings.

Long story short, it seems the keto diet may help many Americans across the country. However, this is largely considered a short term diet that can help get you in the right direction but it seems many scientists and doctors are urging for more research on the long term effects.

Either way, everyone seems to agree that people respond differently to the diet and it is best to consult with your medical provider before making any decision. Luckily for you, keto or not, our plant-based coconut jerky is a great snack that is loaded with healthy fats and vitamins that will fuel your body while keeping that waistline summer bod ready.

Author :

Christopher Parent

-Foreal Foods Intern