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Ready for (Vegan) Coconut Jerky?

Most people hear the word jerky and automatically think of beef. But, jerky isn't a meat-exclusive snack. Yes, even vegans can enjoy the delights of jerky now, thanks to the glory that is the coconut. As the Swiss-Army knife of your pantry, coconut has a million and one nourishing uses. One of those glorious uses is providing the makings for tasty coconut jerky...

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Need Quick Meal Ideas? Drop The Chalupa!

Many times I've given a sample of Cocoburg Coconut Jerky to a Filipino, and had them tell me that it should be taken with rice. I kinda humored them, but the thought was "that's so Asian." Well, I finally got around to cooking with Cocoburg, and the results were amazing.

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Skipping Meals? Do It Wisely!

According to a Canadian study of the US snack market, skipping meals in order to stay busy and productive is one of the drivers of growth in the snack market. But we all know that for real sustained energy we need to give ourselves proper nutrition.

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