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Just Eat Real Food. The idea is simple but revolutionary: we believe that simple, natural, unprocessed foods are not only the most delicious, but also the most healthy. 

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Welcome To Cocoburg! The Future Is Delicious.

Cocoburg is not just about delicious Coconut Jerky for me. It's not just about contributing healthy options to a sometimes pretty scary-looking snack aisle, either. It's true: I'm very excited to offer a delicious and satisfying, wholesome, whole-food snack to the world.

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Niches in the Food Industry: Seth Syberg, Founder of CocoBurg

On a weekday morning, Seth Syberg and his employees, Maya and Kelli, prepare slices of organic, locally-sourced coconut meat in a commercial kitchen Syberg rents in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick. The final product, known as the first raw, vegan, soy- and gluten-free Coconut Jerky, began as Syberg’s experiment with healthy snack and meat alternative recipes.

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Jerky For Vegans And Meat Lovers Alike Premiers at Kings County

Last Thursday it was wet, and cold, and it felt like winter instead of the breezy fall Brooklynites had experienced a few days prior, but those who came out to Kings County Saloon were greeted with a delicious and unique treat in the back of the establishment: three bowls each filled with different flavors of vegan jerky.

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