About Us

In a world with misleading ingredient statements and too few healthy options, we exist to make real food with real ingredients.

Who We Are? 

We foster healthy habits in an open, accepting, fun work environment and lead with progressive values that put people before profit. 
Seth Syberg - Founder
Mohammed ("Mo") Al Hagri - Operations Engineer

We are one of the healthiest options currently available in the natural grocery landscape.

Within the fast-growing vegan snack category, we were the first brand to release a soy-free, gluten-free plant based jerky. As an all too rare real food product, we are committed to always maintaining a clean label. We are specialty diet friendly with options for keto, paleo, AIP, low fod map, gluten-free, soy-free, and low glycemic index lifestyles.

What We Do? 

We put real food first - no artificial ingredients, preservatives, powders, “natural” flavors, colorings etc. Rather than try to reinvent the wheel, we believe Michael Pollan said it best, “Eat [real] food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”
#SafeSnacking #ForealFoods

What Do We Stand For? 

We understand that our product quality starts at the source. We actively work on improving and protecting the environment in which we operate and take all reasonable steps to be the cleanest company we can be environmentally. We recognize the power of human activity to shape the land, for better or worse, and we will always work to be better. We value the people we work with, beyond just a buyer/seller relationship, and seek to mitigate the impact of deeply rooted systemic poverty in the regions in which we manufacture and produce.