Coconut Jerky 101

What the *&!# is coconut jerky?

Fresh young coconut meat (ya know, the white stuff in the coconut): marinated, dehydrated, done.

Where can I find your product?

The best place to buy is right here on this site! But if your one of those “get out of the house” types, we’re in almost 500 stores nationwide! Head to our store locator to find one near you.

Where do you source your coconuts from?

Our Nam Hom coconuts are sourced from small farms in Ratchaburi, Thailand through direct trade relationships with farmers.

What the *&!# is upcycling?

The use of ordinary food waste to create something extraordinary. We upcycle a byproduct of the coconut water industry (young coconut meat) to make our awesome jerky!

Is coconut jerky vegan?

Contrary to popular belief coconut jerky is NOT coconut flavored beef jerky *see question 1*, therefore to answer your question YES our coconut jerky is 100% vegan.

Are your products non-GMO and organic certified?

All of our coconut meat is certified organic (Ecocert) and we should have our USDA organic certification in 2019. All of our ingredients are 100% non-gmo.

Are your products certified gluten-free?

Our gluten-free certification is currently in process and we’ll have it soon. None of our products are made using ingredients that contain gluten. We use coconut aminos for marinating, instead of tamari or soy sauce.

Is coconut jerky keto?

Yes, coconut jerky is a Keto approved snack and will certification soon. According to recent findings from a research paper conducted by the Paleo Foundation, the classic ketogenic diet approach is changing both in application and implementation. There are some new keto diet protocols gaining in popularity that are less restrictive and allow for greater carbohydrate or protein intake (Medium Chain Triglyceride Diet - MCTD and the modified Atkins Diet - MAD) respectively. For products containing largely unprocessed ingredients, 7-12g net carbs per serving is approved for use of the Keto Certified label. Our coconut jerky is chock full of MCT's and has 5-8 net carbs per serving making it a perfect fit for a more liberal keto diet protocol!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do, but be forewarned standard international shipping rates will apply. Just enter your address on the checkout page to calculate the international shipping cost.

Do you use artificial anything in your products?

Never not ever! Our Real Food ethos = more of the good stuff, less of the bad stuff. We are dedicated to making real food because we believe in real food. Our jerky is made using 4 to 7 ingredients - all real food and our NBC is made with just one ingredient - dried young coconut!