OMG Cocoburg is now Foreal Foods!?


*Please note your orders may still arrive in the old packaging until we go through all inventory from our online store #NoFoodWaste !*



THE category defining, plant based coconut jerky pioneer has relaunched with a fresh look, new recipe formulation, and an expanded product line coming soon. 

In the words of Foreal Foods founder, Seth Syberg, “In a world with too few healthy snack options, we make real food because we believe in real food. Michael Pollan said it best, ‘Eat [real] food. Not too much. Mostly plants’, and we can’t help but agree.” 

#SafeSnacking #ForealFoods

The new brand name is a return to Cocoburg’s original mission putting real food first, making room for a variety of new [non-coconut] products that reflect the company’s commitment to providing affordable, nutritious options with focus on a super clean ingredient list. To support this initiative, Foreal Foods will be launching it’s #safesnacking campaign on social media and beyond. 

Foreal Foods sustainable production model uses upcycled young coconut meat from the waste stream of coconut water production in Thailand. Coconut jerky is currently available in 3 varieties - Original, Ginger Teriyaki and Chili Lime, with new flavors and products slated to launch in the coming months. #SafeSnacking #ForealFoods